PHP HLS / M3U8 Reverse Proxy – Solve Cross-Origin Issues

m3u8 hls reverese proxy

Today, I will present one of the most sought-after reverse proxies for M3U8. This reverse proxy will resolve cross-origin issues and enable you to restream an M3U8 stream from another server or site.
The script can assist you in streaming from an HTTP site to an HTTPS site without encountering cross-origin problems.

Video presentation of the script:

This script works without nginx or other 3rd party scripts. It is very easy to use, as you have only 1 PHP file to configure and you’re ready to stream.

This script is very easy to be used by an non-technical person and you don’t need programming knowledge as all the configuration information are provided along with the script after you buy it.

This M3U8 reverse proxy is available in three variants:

  1.  Calling the PHP file via a GET request, for example:
  2.  Inserting the URL directly into your proxy.php file; however, you will need to create multiple
    PHP files for your cameras or TV stations, one for each.
  3.  Calling the PHP file via a GET request with password protection and usage limits per password.

!!! The script intend is to solve the Cross-Origin problems !!!
!!! We do not assume anything about how you use this script after you have bought it !!!

If you like to buy this script please send us an email at in order to receive a demo link with 200 free proxy accesses.

After you test the script you can decide if you want to buy this script.

Also, all people who buy this script will be saved in a database to receive all the updates made to this reverse proxy.
This M3u8, HLS reverse proxy was tested on CPANEL shared hosting from FASTCOMET and works very well.


The script was tested with the following websites for presentation and testing purposes:
!!!Please note that this script is not intended for use in these specific cases!!!

New updates:

v1.3 – Implemented the encryption on the ts links in order to not snip the location of the links for the proxy inserted directly into videoplayer (Encryption with key and encryption without key).

v1.2 – Added the possibility to restrict the access to the reverse proxy from a single domain.

v1.1 – Initial release for the reverse proxy script.

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